Do you ever feel super guilty when you are unproductive over the weekend?  Well, I certainly do!  It seems that every Friday morning, I sit at work and think about all the productive tasks and chores I’m going to do over the weekend – I even schedule them out so I know I’ll have time.  I have such good intentions.

Then something happens.  Saturday morning rolls around and I have a couple cups of coffee….oh, an episode of Law and Order is on – I’ll just watch this one.  Ohhh, it’s a marathon…and I’ve never seen this episode…I’ll just watch one more.  Hours later, I’ve done nothing but spend some quality time with Olivia and Elliott.  At some point, I begin to feel very guilty and what comes next is what I call “Couch Chores”.

What are Couch Chores, you ask?  Well, this is something I invented years ago when I realized my good intentions of productivity are bound to go by the wayside at times, and so as to not feel super guilty about being lazy all weekend (for some reason I feel guilty if I’m not productive), I created Couch Chores.  No surprise, they are chores that can be accomplished while basically sitting on the couch and watching TV.  Some of my recent couch chores have been as follows:

Sock Sorting – You know we all have those bags full of single socks…..this is a great time to find the matches.

Drawer Organizing – Since it’s pretty easy to remove dresser and kitchen drawers, this is a great portable task.  If you are like me, you have a “catch-all” drawer/s, also possibly known as the “junk drawer”, jewelry drawers, makeup drawers…..any of these will do.

Laundry – No-brainer here.  You can load and unload during commercial breaks and folding in front of the TV is perfect.  And, it’s a great way to catch up on those random piles of laundry that always seem to be pushed to the back burner for actual clothes – things like extra bedding, shower curtains, rugs, and kitchen towels.

Top of the Dresser Stuff – For whatever reason, the top of my dresser slowly disappears due to random things like hats, jewelry, baskets, socks and other easily thrown items.  I like to get a large box, throw everything in it and sort and organize.  Bring those jewelry boxes too!

Bills/Mail Organization – I’m a 2X per month bill payer so throughout the month, my mail piles up – bills, junk mail, magazines.  This is a great couch chore – going through the mail, throwing mail out, paying the bills, and purging old magazines for new magazines.  For those of us who still watch commercials….or during those Law & Order marathons – a great time to shred as well!

Purses – I like to switch my purses up pretty frequently.  My purse is usually filled with a ton of random crap.  Put those 2 things together and what do you have?  Many, many purses that need to be cleaned out.  Another great couch chore.

What about you?  Any other couch chores you’d like to share?  Would love to hear about them!